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Only for personal use

The services FILMUD made available for the personal use, this thee the FILMUD notices directors recommended for work. You cannot with the service FILMUD for the sale of a product or another service. If it is for commercial purposes want use the FILMUD benefits, they must be a contract with FILMUD  in advance. I beg you undertakings canvas for more information.


The FILMUD rejects any responsibility or even the guarantee of accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, operational, or availability of information or material in the FILMUD services search results. FILMUD  assumes no responsibility for radiation; the errors committed during storage, fehlauslieferung or anticipated provide information or material. FILMUD excludes all liability for any damage caused by the download, or paging all information or materials on the internet by the services FILMUD.

The services FILMUD and all materials, information, products and services, including services provided FILMUD "as food" without any warranty. FILMUD  And its licensor explicitly exclude in the act maximum scope all explicit, implied or statutory warranties, including, but without limitation to the commitment made by general suitability for employment, the ability for a particular purpose and non-infringement of property rights. FILMUD And its licensor conclude any implied warranty as regards the security, reliability, punctuality and the power of the FILMUD Services. FILMUD And its licensor conclude any implied warranty for any information or consultation by the FILMUD Services. FILMUD And its licensor conclude the slightest guarantee of services or products are replaced by advertising or on services or FILMUD received by the left by the services FILMUD , as for any information or advice on all links in services FILMUD .

They understand and declare themselves to be in agreement that you download or other material or data by the use of FILMUD Services at its discretion and at their own risk, and they alone are responsible for all damage caused to its computer system or loss of data or for other damages due to the share of equipment or data.

Some States or other jurisdictions is the tacit exclusion sureties do not allow, so the above exclusions of perhaps is not true. They may have other rights, of the State to the other, and justice.

Limitation of Liability

In no case is FILMUD or its licensor of users of the use or abuse of confidence or of services to the FILMUD. of a request in connection with the agreement or the object of the arrangement this limitation is in force, in order to enable the direct or indirect, accidental causes, damage, specialized, copies and strafschadenersatz if this requirement is to ensure that treaty, a tort (including negligence) or otherwise (even if FILMUD or its licensor on the possibility of such damages have been informed).  Such a limitation of liability, regardless of this, if the damages resulting from the use or the abuse and dependence by the services FILMUD , inability of the use of the services FILMUD or by the interruption, suspension or termination of the FILMUD Services (including the damage caused by third parties).  This restriction also applies to damage caused due to other products or services, or by the advertising on the services or FILMUD received by all left in the services FILMUD, as well as on the basis of the information or advice or received by the advertising on the services or FILMUD received by all left in the services FILMUD. This restriction shall also apply, without limitation, the cost of the purchase of the replacement products or services, lost profits or loss of data. This limitation should no longer apply in matters of delivery or non-PERFORMANCE OF FILMUD  services or information or goods, or in the framework or in reference to any way FILMUD Services. This restriction applies whatever essentially every failure of a limited recourse for each AND IN THE WHOLE eligible by law.

Some States or other jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of the liability of damage or created in the passage, so that the above limitations and exclusions for they are not may be true.

Without the previous provisions aimed at limiting, in no case do not FILMUD  OR ITS donors responsible for delays or non-compliance of benefits directly or indirectly by the laws of nature, forces, or causes, outside of the appropriate control, including, without limitation, errors of the Internet, the computer equipment, the equipment, other malfunctions, electrical appliances Electricity, strikes, strike movements, disturbances, insurrection, of unrest, the lack of labor and materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, force majeure, war, public actions, national orders or foreign jurisdictions, non-delivery by third parties, or loss or the variations of the heat, light, or the air conditioning system.


These terms of use, the whole of the agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter of the contract and are replaced and replaced the prior or simultaneous agreements or agreements in writing or orally, in view of the object. The decision to waive a provision of the AGB only becomes effective when it is performed by writing and by FILMUD.

 FILMUD The datenschutzerklärung

The FILMUD is committed in a sound management of information. This obligation also extends to ensuring that the data use our customers appropriately and expected and on the awareness of customers and the general public on the proper use of the information provided by FILMUD Services.

FILMUD Datenschutzerklärung describes our general principles of the collection and use of the information of customers and visitors our web site [http://www.Filmud.com].  We commit ourselves, to information on our Internet site visitors responsible, and we will not for commercial purposes, of a person or organization outside FILMUD , other than those describe. You read further, to more information on the FILMUD  Online Privacy Practices.

GENERAL PROVISIONS Collection of information and their use

There follows an overview of the accessibility and use of data, as well as the specific measures for certain products and services that could be distinguished from the general directive:

IP addressesFILMUD Site may gather the technical information on the meeting (as for example.Type of reduced, ISP, access- /ausgangsseite, the nature of the platform, the date/time, the number of friedrich-ebert -Stiftung, domain name and country/Land).  This information is used TRENDS TO ANALYZE THE PAGE to manage and monitor exploit the Internet site.

"  The personal data of visitors to the web siteFILMUD Site may offer visitors the opportunity to declare and customize the informative value of FILMUD. Visitors can also become manifest for Newsletter and the purchase of products and services on the Internet. In order to register or process, they may be invited, contact information (such as for example. Name, address, E- mail-address and phone numbers), and other demographic data. If it is not yet will be, they may be invited, the approval by a parent or legal guardians in view of the registration or the designation. Finally, they may be to the indication personally requested information, it helps us, of the information to offer. For example, it may be that we have personal data of them (for example.In an e-mail address as well as information to give a system and on-line), technical support and the treatment of errors. The information collected on it is used by asterisk (FILMUD) our agents, provide information requested content, their commands to treat and facilitate their relations with us. The information collected on it into account, for the products and services that they have been acquired. We can also contact their Information to disseminate information on other FILMUD products and services as well as the advertising, of interest for they could be of some of our distributor. If they do not wish to benefit this advertising announcements, they may decide, if you we an address information or at any time, if it is by the update their preferences with any FILMUD Service to which they are registered, listed below.

FILMUD - [email protected]

“Turn off the profilesThe adoption of the general conditions of sale that they recognize that FILMUD reserves the right not to delete their data. They declare their agreement for that we their profile store, images and all the information of them or another person or company, for as long as we want to. According to the hochladen of our system that they do not have the right to ask or Mrs. Becker we not to erase the image of brand. The information on FILMUD hotel.

"There are extraordinary cases in which we may be an open account to clear, therefore, if you ask it to do, they send some reasons why do you want a account of the clear.

•  ConnectionConnection are small pieces of text, can, by our have in a file on your computer from the hard disk. If it is on our website, we use connection to store their attitudes and information Login Register, that they are not more not to remove each time new. our web site uses connection, in order of their best shopping functionality, such as the continuation of their basket of currencies whose content that our web site. We can also use connection, in order of their content and advertising products on their specific interests.

"  The sharing of data . FILMUD Communicates the personal data of them are perceived to agents or contractors, who use the data only in our name or in relationship with their contents with FILMUD . FILMUD Can also information with other businesses FILMUD. Finally, the actors concerned page data concerning the sharing in conformity with the legal provisions, if necessary, given that a matter of public safety or order or, if necessary, in the framework of the assignment by other assets. In accordance with the Indian law, FILMUD is not they exchange information with a konzernunabhängigen third parties used for marketing purposes, except if you ask us.

"  Paging and update personal information . FILMUD  Offers to its customers, with a reasonable possibility of pages and updating of information relating to the new. If you the online information on we-command or the application, you can Parties and to update this information. Our customer support appropriate may also assist other questions, the data are managed by us.

"  Information on FILMUD participants . FILMUD FILMUD Page cans participant’s content on http://www.Filmud.com. INFORMATION ON FILMUD participants and whose exploitation of FILMUD on http://www.Filmud.com is maintained in a secure environment and is not shared with third parties for promotion to use. FILMUD we can therefore not information on all of the participants in the use of http://www.Filmud.com other than to enforce the conditions of our participants agreements or by law obliged. FILMUD Site may post, forums, message boards, news groups for that they will be available. Think about it, that all the information contained in these areas are propagated accessible to the public and they should be cautious in the disclosure personal information in these areas. Similarly, they do not provide any information in our public forums, and that it may be considered.

•  Cancellation they can their subscription at any time after notification to his account, and by contact with us to support @http://www.Filmud.com

• Security  FILMUD HAS security measures, in order to avoid that the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

• Left   from other firmsOur web site contains left to other Internet sites or Internet sites, which may be maintained by the enterprises that was not of our partners. We are not responsible for the data protection conferred or the content of these Web sites, and we are asking you, they are going to be cautious during the visit of Internet sites. and in particular we recommend that you the protection of each site to confirm that the site of the policy for that they are acceptable.

"  Our guidelines to changeFrom time to time useful for us customers information new, previously used is not unexpected in this datenschutzerklärung. If our information practices change, we will have and mark the changes of the policy, and we offer our customers the possibility of giving the new data used.

"  Making contact with web site. If you ask or concern about copyright, trademarks or Data Protection undertakings canvas you please per Mail:

The [email protected]

Please ask you not to our support, of the advertising or another division.

* The FILMUD notices found that are located in our web site, the FILMUD notices directors themselves or by a third party! We assume no responsibility for their content. The whole world can after a FILMUD notices call. I urge you always to be careful, if we are to find. If you a small scale, ask a legal, in concert with you. And FILMUD does not take responsibility or guarantee for each type of work. Quite simply, we have talent as an on-line portfolio to help them achieve much talent hunters at the same time and better way
Web site licensee, if they have the feeling that a FILMUD notices observe that a violation of intellectual property rights, please contact you by electronic mail as soon as possible to us and we move that it is both.


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